Sneha Patel

Master in Mediator of Divine Energy

"હે જીવ, આ પૃથ્વી ઉપર ધારણ કરેલા શરીરરૂપી સાધનના અહંકાર, વૈભવ ,તમામ હોદ્દાઓ અને ધર્મનો સ્વાંગ અહીં જ ઉતારી આ પ્રકૃતિના ઉપાસના ધામમાં પગ મુકજે.આ જય જગત વિચારધારાનું પવિત્ર ધામ છે."

ખોબા‌આશ્રમ - લેખકશ્રી આદરણીય નીલમભાઇ પટેલ

A qualified, knowledgeable and experienced person in the field of spirituality and meditation, Sneha Patel has achieved tons of success in her career at a young age. Starting her journey as a mere meditator, she has evolved as a superior Meditator and a Spiritual Healer. She started her journey at a very young age of 16 years and thereafter with sheer dedication towards divine energy, now has an experience of more than 15 years with definite knowledge.

The passion and enthusiasm to learn about spirituality and meditation have encouraged her to reach a position she is at present. She has mastered the field by attaining training under Vipassana, Meditation, Spiritual Healing and Depression Healing. Sneha Patel has conducted seminars and workshops across India and abroad. 

She has pursued training from people who are masters in the field of meditation, psychology and mind training:

  • Meditation and Truth of Spirituality - Pujya Swamini Sadvidyananda
  • Psychology - Truth of life # Mrs. Kundanika Kapadia (Gujarati Writer)
  • Mind Training - Dr. Jeetendra Adhia (International Mind Guru)

She founded an organisation named as "Harshgitoday Nandanvan" for Orphans. And it is her dream to provide financial as well as mental strength to these orphans all her life.