Importance of Prayer

Everyone, be it child or adult, pray every day without even knowing the actual meaning of prayer. Therefore the question Do you actually know what Prayer is arises. Do you remember the last time you prayed?

Most of the people pray in time of need, trouble or distressed situation, or when close to death. Obviously, during such period of crises we remember the almighty. It is this period of time that we understand the importance of prayer. Everyone has their customs, belief and knowledge based on their up-bringing and religion. Although all individuals have different perceptions, they all are correct.

There are lots of questions which many of us have in our minds like importance of prayer in human life, what is prayer, how should one pray. All these questions are self answered by the invisible power inside us called the Divine Energy. When you come across such a precious knowledge, it appears like words from Divine Power. We all experience this, and are a medium for transfer of positive energy.

Prayer is a belief that an individual owns. We should always be grateful as well as thankful while praying because:

·There is a single thank you feeling experience at the time of praying.

·Prayer cannot be felt. It is used as a medium to interact with God, the Almighty and our Soul.

·Prayer is said to be a combination of correct words, positive thinking, clear thought process and pure soul.

·We pray with closed eyes which give us a pictorial hint of what we are and want we aspire.

Words have extra-ordinary strength which leads to highest level of our thinking power development when arranged in a proper manner. Any situation that we come across in the real world first takes place inside us and then it occurs in the outside world.